After 4 Years of Trump, We All Need a Little Tenderness

Biden is a kind, loving, compassionate human being, and that’s what the world needs right now.

Hearing President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory speech on Saturday, November 7th, 2020, the world was reminded of what it meant to have a compassionate, dedicated, and strong-willed civil servant as the President of the United States. After he was done talking, the whole Biden family came on stage, and the world was also reminded of how good it feels to look up to people who are capable of love and affection.

Here is the speech, in case you haven’t listened to it yet:

4 years of doom and gloom

Since Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, there hasn’t been a single day where he wasn’t on the front page of every major news outlet in the country and, perhaps, the world.

For 1,396 days (as of the 16th of November, 2020), we have been confronted with his aggressivity, his lack of empathy or humour, his depravity, and his absolute egoism.

Over the course of his presidency, Donald Trump has uttered more than 20,000 lies, that’s 15 to 20 lies a day, every single day, for 4 years. His relentless attacks on truth have given rise to the fastest-growing global cult in recent history. The aftermath of the election shows that his supporters have abandoned all pretence of rationality. Facts do not matter (as the Trump administration told us on day one), only beliefs and deep-rooted hatred of the other.

Trying to engage with Trump’s supporters invariably leads to insults, mockery, or insane claims like the ones below:

They are a perfect reflection of who their spiritual leader is:

Donald Trump has no sense of humour, and his idea of a joke is to make fun of disabled people or to insult his opponents. No Correspondents’ Dinner, no late-night talk show interview, no self-deprecation.

Donald Trump has no empathy and sees weakness as a disease which calls for ostracisation and mockery.

Donald Trump is incapable of love, as has been demonstrated by his interactions with his wife or children.

Donald Trump can’t say anything positive about something else than himself — seriously, have we heard him not take credit for something in the past 4 years, have we heard him genuinely compliment someone without it being a hidden gratification to himself?

Donald Trump cannot speak or think properly, and the world is dumber for it. Words have meanings, and it is all but impossible to have complex thoughts when one isn’t capable of expressing them.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in expertise or knowledge because expertise requires one to admit when one is wrong to learn, which he cannot do. The man thought drinking bleach would help with the virus!

Donald Trump thrives on doom & gloom and cannot imagine a world that isn’t filled with combat, opposition, and aggressivity.

Positivity will help us heal

Getting of Donald Trump will help refocus our attention to what matters. Having a compassionate man who knows what hardship means and who has struggled his entire life to overcome them as the President will set a new example for children and adults the world over.

Time only will tell whether Joe Biden will be a great president or not. As soon as he takes office in January, he will be met with gigantic challenges: a pandemic that hasn’t been managed for months, a distressed economy, and a country perhaps more divided than it has ever been in decades. We can only hope he will be up to the task, but what we know is that:

Biden acts in good faith and has the experience needed to tackle such a challenge, having served the American people his entire life.

Biden cares about the weak and the suffering, and we can trust that he will do his best to cater to them.

Biden is a good human being who can share a message of positivity, union, empathy, and tenderness. Maybe this is what we need the most right now.

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