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America Is Truly Lost

The Senate vote on the constitutionality of Trump’s second impeachment seals the deal on America’s chances: they’re grim.

Nicolas Carteron
4 min readJan 26, 2021


In a 55–45 vote held today, the Senate decided that Trump’s second impeachment was constitutional and would proceed. After a pyrrhic victory for the Democratic majority, Rand Paul could boast that the impeachment trial was “dead on arrival.”

Never forget this day, January 26th 2021, the day when 45 GOP Senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, openly acknowledged that American justice does not apply to rich, powerful, white men. The House has impeached Trump on one count of inciting an act of insurrection. In a regular, decent timeline, these words would have spelt the administration's immediate demise, a presidential resignation in dishonour, and severe judicial retribution.

But we don’t live in a typical timeline. Since 2016, we’ve branched out into a new version of the simulation where truth isn’t shared, values don’t matter, expertise not respected, and justice not served. We’re now trudging through a narrative that takes as much from Idiocracy as it does from 28 Days Later. A virus has infected millions and makes them angry, bitter, and revengeful: The Trump virus. It’s not a derisive term for Covid.

A few days ago, Trump announced that he was contemplating the foundation of a new political faction, the “Patriot Party.” Yesterday, he de facto announced the creation of an “Office of the Former President” in a move that is as much of a concession as we’ll get as it is pathetic in its desperation.

If Congress Republicans are scared of Trump’s ability to form and grow a third political force in the country, there is a simple solution: vote to convict in the Senate. A conviction on impeachment charges makes the convicted ineligible and unable to hold any government office. It doesn’t prevent any of his kin from running, but it would deal a deadly blow to any ambitions Trump might still harbour.

They have chosen another path. Their vote today indicates two things.

First, it makes it painfully apparent to any sane, conscientious person that the GOP senators will not vote to convict. The trial will be a sham, in that we’ll know…



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