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Hater’s Responses: Down the Pro-Trump Rabbit Hole

It started with reading responses to my Trump stories. It ended up in a wonderland of hate, self-entitlement, and racism.

“Why did I read this?” That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the better part of the last four hours as I delved into a yet-unbeknownst-to-me part of Medium: the world of pro-Trump writers.

It started with reading the responses to a recently published piece about Trump’s “Office of the former president.” Some are supportive; others include constructive criticism; most, however, try to show me how wrong and stupid I am.

As Daisybeagle writes, I am “blind to reality” and a “disgrace and disappointment” for my parents, who have to see my “education wasted on such drivel.”

Well, Daisy, you’re right! One ought not to stay blind when one can see. Let’s explore what you and your comrades have to say!

Take Donna, for example.

If this isn’t the most oddly-specific way of saying “I am not racist, I have black friends” you’ve ever read, please let me know. Donna seems triggered by my article, in which I argued that Trumpism is a form of white suprematism. She asks how I “dare label her and her people as racist.”

You know what, Donna, you’re partially right. While I wasn’t labelling you specifically as a racist, I believe that Trump supporters are racists. Since you’re writing on Medium, let’s see what you have to say!

Hmmm… Bit harsh. Let’s not get stuck on the title, however. Maybe there’s more to the article that an all-caps headline inciting murder.

Well, no, let’s get out of here. For the moment, you might not be a racist, Donna, but you might want to talk to someone about these extremely specific sadistic pulsions. Clearly, hacking is a topic you feel strongly about…

Let’s read another.

Oh boy. Well, I guess I’ve gone too far already. Tell me about this untold story Donna.

My grandfather always told me that the words before “however” don’t matter; he seems to be right once again.

So what you’re saying, Donna, is that it was George Floyd’s fault. I guess when he complained that he couldn’t breathe, it was his way of getting back at Chauvin because of their supposed history… You claim not to be a racist, Donna, but you’re inching dangerously close to one at the moment.

For research’s sake, let’s read another one of your columns.

This one is twice as long as the other. I’ll cut through the ramblings about tearing down confederate statues and point you to a nice couple of paragraphs that finally prove my point!

Beyond the socio-political mumbo-jumbo, Donna informs us that BLM is a racist group because, of course, “All Lives Matter,” and that they seek to demote all races except n — o… There we have it, the n-word.

I’ll add this short snippet from Donna’s article titled What Diversity? Zero! as another piece of evidence.

It took me a while to get to it, but in the end, the hypothesis was proven correct. I’m sorry, Donna, the research is conclusive: you’re a racist.

Let’s read another! This is actually as fun as it is emotionally exhausting and intellectually depressing.

I’m a little b — h who writes with “a lot of adjectives” and should “put up or shut up” and “come up with some proof and data.”

Thanks for this constructive and enlightening comment, Judy. I suggest you do what you preach: provide proof or shut up.

Author’s note: adjectives are awesome.

Aven here seems to be rather trigger-happy about a potential civil war and outright secession. As it turns out, he also writes on Medium, so once again, let’s read!

Not what I was expecting, but I guess it’s on-brand for you to mansplain women about cryptocurrencies. The article brims with quotable aphorisms like:

Let’s be real ladies, though females have come a long way in the last 20–30 years, men still dominate the financial game.


Make no mistake, Crypto has and will change the financial paradigm of the world. The million dollar question ladies is…… are you en masse going to grab this Crypto Bull (pun intended) by the horns, or quietly exit the dance floor and watch from the sidelines while men take over yet again?

But crypto-misogyny is not the topic here; we're looking for Trump content!

Aven, you’re full of surprises! I mean, I’ve read your comment, so I can assume this is some sarcastic title, but this seems reasonable on the face of it.

Ah, yes, of course. Hilary, the Bidens and overarching-grey-eminence George Soros will end up “charged for nefarious activities and end up in jail.” It is funny how Trumpists always believe that lawsuits will prove them right, yet keep losing said lawsuits and don’t accept being proven wrong.

“Dear President,” “own the libs,” “MAGA,” and “your own special way” in one single paragraph? Congratulations, Aven, that’s a fascist bingo!

So far, I’ve been called a disgrace, an adjective-using little b — h, and a blind commie. Thank you, Clark, for adding “fraud” to the list. There’s just one argument you’re missing here, blinded that you are by your whataboutism.

Biden created the “Office of the President-Elect” to get on with transition business, having to assume power amidst the worst American crisis in history and inheriting a dysfunctional administration.

Trump’s “Office of the Former President,” following months of lies and deceit that culminated in the storming of the Capitol and the death of five people, is a grift at best, an overt attempt to cast a shadow on the legitimacy of the Biden administration at worst.

Did Clark come up with his argument himself, or did he parrot a well-oiled GOP talking point? Who knows…

Thank you, Natalie. I can add “moron” to my list! You read like a charming person.

Least bigoted we ever had, you say? I see you’re going for the bingo too, DeeGee: owning the libs, restoring freedom, you’re missing a slogan or a racial slur, though. Too bad.

When you elegantly say Biden’s bosses “have him by the balls,” are you certain you’re not projecting a bit? I’d say Trump’s $400M indebtedness to God-knows-whom has him pretty tight, wouldn’t you agree?

Have you been sentient for the past five years, Tom?

Okay, it’s enough hate mail for today.

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