Humour is a great weapon against all forms of tyranny and extremism. It strips away the pretentiousness and the grandiosity of would-be dictators and, as Mel Brooks says, “comedy can cut men like this down to size, robbing them of their power and myths.”

Last week’s events are nothing to laugh at. I am aware of the potential negative consequences on American democracy and measure the impact that Trumpism could have on the country for decades to come.

That notwithstanding, the Internet has been amazing at coming up with nicknames for the military-dressed LARPERs that seem to make up the majority of Trump’s cult members.

Here are the best to date:

  • Gravy Seals
  • Wal-Martyrs
  • Well-fedayins
  • Green Buffets
  • Para-scooters
  • Coup Klux Klan
  • Y’all Quaeda
  • Operation Dessert Storm

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