It Should Have Been Obvious Trump Would Ruin the GOP

Telltale signs we could have picked up from the start.

In May 2016, something strange happened. I agreed with Lindsay Graham. It’s a feeling you don’t want to experience too often, but you gotta give credit where credit’s due, the man had a point:

Since taking office in 2016, Donald Trump has presided over the GOP losing:

  • The House;
  • The Senate; and
  • The Presidency.

Now in his last days in office and out of jail, Donald Trump seems intent to take down the party that allowed him to reach the country’s highest office. His supporters rally to the chant of “destroy the GOP” while desperately seeking to keep their supreme leader in an office he has never deserved and always neglected.

That Trump would destroy his political creator should not come as a surprise, though, the signs were there for us to see.

Under GOP government, the United States was a country where:

  • The odds are always rigged in their favour, instituting a minority rule that is as anti-democratic as it is destructive.
  • A select few won the jackpot through a $2.3 trillion tax cut programme.
  • The majority of Americans lost everything: their savings, their jobs, their lives, while their GOP elected officials couldn’t agree to send them $2,000.
  • The people in charge created a fake version of reality where truth and facts didn’t matter and where the only purpose was to confuse their gullible fans.
  • If you win by legal means, you’ll be denied your victory and thrown out like a criminal.

The GOP functions like a casino.

There’s no wonder Trump managed to bankrupt it!

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