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Lauren Boebert Is the GOP White Trash, Knock-Off Version of AOC

And that’s exactly why they love her

The GOP always loved having a bogeyman. It’s actually much easier than trying to build a policy platform, a goal the party has all but forsaken. Explaining the world in terms of driving forces, trends, modes of production or any form of dialectical reasoning demands a certain amount of efforts on both the speaker and their audience. It requires a complex cognitive process known by science as common sense. It also requires a grounded understanding of reality, but as Stephen Colbert rightfully argued in 2006, “reality has a well-documented liberal bias,” and the GOP is having none of that.

For decades the GOP has known that, in order to explain the complexities of our modern world to their base, nothing beats a good ad hominem attack. In recent year, thanks to their inclusion and embrace of toxic masculinity, they’ve angled on the side of ad feminam attacks, with one prime target: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known to all as AOC. With her confidence, assertiveness and popularity, AOC crystallises all that the GOP voter base hates in a woman: she’s independent, educated, fearless, outspoken, fun, and she takes no shit.

Every day since her election, the GOP, the conservative press, and their hordes have relentlessly attacked her for any possible reason: they criticised her clothing for not looking like she was financially struggling while at the same time bashing her for not being rich enough. They mocked her for a ten-year-old college video showing her dancing. And to their great dismay, AOC didn’t disown the clip. She didn’t claim she “was young and didn’t know better.” Do you know why she didn't do this? Because there is nothing to be ashamed of, contrary to what all the conservatives said. In a response that would come to define her style of communication, she posted a video of her dancing in front of her Capitol office, tweeting: “I hear the GOP thinks women dancing are scandalous. Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too!”

Claims that she was unfit for the job, uneducated, or economically illiterate abounded. The entire conservative press keeps on trying to mansplain her how the world and “the real economy” functions. Last summer, she was accosted by Rep. Ted Yoho, a yokel from Florida who thankfully lost his seat. He “stuck his finger in her face, called her ‘disgusting’ and ‘crazy’ and continued to lob insults at her even as she walked away from the confrontation.” Yoho also called her a “f — king b — ch.”

AOC is a well-educated woman who earned her Bachelor degree in international relations and economics cum laude from Boston University, who served as an intern for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (another GOP bogeyman) while in college, who worked as a bartender and waitress to help her mother fight foreclosure of their home. She handily won her election and deserves praise for her courage, her intellect, and her will-power.

For all these reasons, the GOP and the conservative world hates her.

But there is a young, assertive woman who worked as a bartender and waitress that the GOP loves: the newly-elected representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, Lauren Opal Boebert!

She is a 34-year-old QAnon-believing high-school dropout from Florida who works as a waitress in a restaurant she owns in which over 80 patrons got food poisoning. She is married to a sexual predator who exposed himself to teens. She carries her gun on her hip and her chip on her shoulders.

She supports getting rid of the Department of Education, doesn’t believe in climate change, opposes the NPVIC and any form of gun control, wants the ACA repealed and the border wall built and is against giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

As a staunch gun-rights activist, it is only fitting that she’d end up living in a Coloradan town named Rifle. As a pro-life advocate who opposes sexual education and the federal funding of planned parenthood, it is fitting she had to drop out of school because of teenage pregnancy. As a member of the party of “law and order,” it is interesting to read on her extensive criminal record:

In 2010, Boebert’s neighbors called police because they believed her pit bulls were threatening their dogs. Boebert received a ticket for dog code violations. In 2015, she was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct at a music festival for telling officers that their arrest of a couple of underage drinkers was unconstitutional because the teenagers had not received Miranda warnings. As she was being handcuffed, according to deputies’ reports, Boebert tried to twist away from police, saying that “she had friends at Fox News” and that the arrest would be “national news”. She twice failed to appear in court on the charge. The petty offense was dismissed because the Mesa County district attorney’s office believed a jury would not convict her. In 2016, Boebert was cited for operating an unsafe vehicle; she pleaded guilty.

Following the GOP’s standard M.O., when she was arrested, she told the deputies that she had “friends at Fox News.

On the morning of January 6, she tweeted this:

Later that day, as terrorists were storming the Capitol, she live-tweeted the whereabouts of Speaker Pelosi, endangering her life.

No later than yesterday, she refused to pass through a metal detector and to have her purse searched. Laurent Boebert is a clear and present danger to the House, to its members, and to its Speaker. She is a threat to American democracy, a second-Amendment activist, QAnon nutcase who is certainly packing a Glock on the Congress floor.

No wonder the GOP loves her.

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