The Future of American Democracy Hinges on a Lawsuit

Dominion and Smartmatic defamation suits may shape the future of America, for better or worse.

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO, has now officially joined the ranks of those sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems. Along with Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, Lindell was Dominion’s most prominent accuser, claiming the election-technology company had conspired with Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Un to overturn the November election results.

One of the most improbable fascists to have emerged from the Trump era, Lindell’s apparent insanity has no equal but his evident zeal. He found himself involved in the highest rungs of government, close to Trump at every significant turn. Who could have thought that a pillow salesperson would ever advise the President of the United States on matters of martial law?

Now facing a $1.3B lawsuit that could bankrupt him, Lindell is doubling down on his defamatory claims, telling CNBC:

My message to Dominion is thank you for finally getting this done, because it’ll be back in the limelight now.

Lindell is welcoming the lawsuit because, in his opinion, the discovery phase will reveal to the world how Dominion cheated and handed the victory to Biden against the will of the American people. If it were the case, though, why would Dominion sue in the first place? If they had indeed cheated, they would be foolish to sue their rightful accusers, wouldn’t they?

One might think that Dominion is simply after a juicy settlement, but that’s not the case either. Dominion’s CEO John Poulos told NPR Noel King in an interview that:

KING: It sounds like you want this to go to trial. You don’t want a settlement. What you would like to see is a chance to air your grievances and a chance to tell the truth about your company.

POULOS: One hundred percent correct. A settlement does not even begin to address the damage that has been done to our reputation.

Dominion wants a lawsuit; they want discovery to occur, which means they are confident that it will not uncover wrongdoings. On the opposite side, Lindell, Powell, and Giuliani all argue that discovery will vindicate their Big Lie and demonstrate fraud. This is more than a lawsuit between a defamed company and a group of propagandists: it is a battle between truth and lie, between Trumpism and reason.

It is a battle for America’s soul and the survival of its democracy.

Before we move along, let’s make one thing clear.

There was no fraud. By all accounts, this was the “most secure election in history.” All claims brought forward by team Kraken, Lindell, OAN, or Fox News have been proven baseless. They are nothing but lies designed to rile up the base and have them contribute a few more dollars to the cause. Trump’s campaign raised over $250M after the election to sustain his legal challenges. In reality, the money was used to pay his debts, another grift in a lifelong series.

There appears to be no more pragmatic reason to push the Big Lie: the grift has been gifted, money has been cashed, and Trump is out of power (even if he still tries to pretend the contrary). Lindell et al. have nothing to win fighting a lawsuit; they have everything to lose. So why is he so happy about the case?

Lindell welcomes the lawsuit because he believes that he can exact a settlement out of them, notwithstanding Dominion's public position. As is usual for white, rich, powerful men, Lindell assumes that he will not face real justice. It’s not crazy to think that nothing is more important to him than his wealth and power; he would never jeopardise those, so he must be confident in his ability to come out of the proceedings unscathed.

There are only two ways to explain his behaviour rationally. First, he is crazy and deluded. The privileges he has enjoyed his entire life blind him. Second, he has access to enough cash and is willing to settle for an amount no one could ever refuse.

Whatever is accurate, and for America’s sake, he must be proven wrong.

A public trial that discloses all available evidence, and lack thereof, is the only way for Trump’s Big Lie to come to an end. Dominion’s lawyers must tear to pieces all arguments that defend the voter-fraud claims, and those who have lied must be found guilty and sentenced. It is the only way for America to move forward.

Dominion’s lawsuit (and its competitor Smartmatic’s, who is also suing Powell, Guiliani, and Fox for over $2.7B) will act as Nuremberg trials on Trump, Trumpism, and the GOP: it will bring truth to light and discredit once and for all the lies and deceit.

For this reason, Dominion cannot settle. The weight on their shoulders is immense. I hope they realise that the future of American democracy hinges on their lawsuit.

If Dominion settles and Lindell, Powell, and Giuliani get off without admitting guilt, it would vindicate their Big Lie. OAN, Fox, and Trump would parade the settlement as the ultimate proof that the truth was too damning to be revealed. It would play up their conspiracy theory like nothing else before, and it would reignite the fury amongst Trump supporters.

If Dominion settles, American democracy is dead.

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