The Hashtags of Wrath

Donald Trump’s infamously thin skin has provided us with un-presidented Twitter moments — let’s remember some of those.

From the moment Donald Trump became the GOP candidate in 2015, a new era in the world’s political governance started: the era of tweetocracy.

A few weeks before the 2016 Election, we discovered (unbeknownst to us at the time) Trump’s proclivity for calling races a tad too early:

We hadn’t discovered yet his passion for Twitter tantrums and just how thin his skin truly was.

None of us could imagine that the social network would become the preferred government communication channel for the president to reflect on missile strikes, threaten potential nuclear war (while flexing the size and power of his “button”), or disparage a Swedish teenager for her fight against climate change.

While there are far too many Trumpian rants to cover them all, his presidency will forever be defined by a series of hashtags and Twitter tantrums that will stand the test of time, testaments of an era, the Code of Hammurabi of the early XXIst century.

Let’s look at a few of these historical gems.

Meryl Streep is Overrated

In January 2017, Meryl Streep was present with a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. On stage, in front of the world, Urbi et Orbi, one of the most influential women, delivered a scathing critique of then-President-Elect Trump:

Streep criticised Trump’s attitude, saying that his words and actions would legitimise bullying. As if to prove her point, Trump went on a rant the next day:

They were learning German

Remember that time Trump went to France in 2018 to celebrate Armistice Day and commemorate the sacrifices of thousands of US marines at Belleau Wood during WWI, but couldn’t attend the ceremony at a military cemetery because it was raining?

At the time, Macron was toying with the idea of building a common European army, which Trump interpreted as the EU looking to protect itself against the US. Demonstrating once again his tact and diplomacy, Trump went on a Twitter rant two days later, on November 13, three years to the day after terrorist attacks in Paris killed more than 130 people.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, be careful!

It all started because, as we all know, media outlets censor conservative voices all the time!

In what would become a common theme of the Trump administration, the president took to Twitter to complain about his unfair treatment online.

Following up on the tweets, because this clearly was a matter of national security, Trump gave the following remarks which deserve a special spot in the annals of American oratory arts.

I think Google is really taking advantage of a lot of people, and I think that’s a very serious thing, and it’s a very serious charge. And I think what Google and what others are doing, if you look at what’s going on at Twitter, if you look at what’s going on in Facebook, they better be careful, because you can’t do that to people. You can’t do it. We have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in, and you just can’t do that. So I think that Google and Twitter and Facebook, they’re really treading on very, very troubled territory, and they have to be careful. It’s not fair to large portions of the population, okay?
The Verge


Following the release of an in-depth New York Times investigation into his finances, revealing decades of business losses, the hashtag started trending and took over Twitter immediately.

To quote the Times, “In fact, year after year, Mr Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer.”

Trump, of course, took to Twitter to call the Times article a “Fake News hit job,” while still trying to justify his actions.


Do you remember the time Trump altered a Federal Weather Map of hurricane Dorian’s path with a sharpie to include Alabama in the danger zone? With all that’s been going on lately, you’d be forgiven if you have.

Source: Vox

Following his press conference, the hashtag #SharpieGate, along with #TrumpSharpie and #SharpiePresident, started trending on Twitter.

Because Trump just can’t let an opportunity to prove how petty and thin-skinned he is, he obviously had to respond!


You might not know it, but the First Lady has an anti-bullying initiative going on (or at least she had, but did she really care?) which was promoted online with the hashtag #BeBest.

Following his dear husband’s attacks on Greta Thunberg, Twitter appropriated it to ask Melania to calm his man down, with thousands of users ironically using the tag against the first couple.

As one could expect, it didn’t work. We were in the midst of the impeachment proceedings, so one could argue Trump had bigger fish to fry.

Calling it unfair and bullying the opposition party. #BeBest Donnie!


This hashtag started trending after Trump suggested any criticism directed towards him on social media should be illegal. Here is the tweet that started it all:

This would only be the first “hashtag attack” of 2020 for President Trump, and his anxiety over them would not come down! Having found a new way to annoy the Snowflake-in-Chief, Twitter would not relent.


After a weird and unhinged press conference at a tiny desk, in which Trump attacked a journalist for doing his job, telling him he shouldn’t speak to the President like that, #DiaperDon started trending.

Know Your Meme

It soon reached #1 in the US and most English-speaking countries, propelling Trump into one of those hissy fits only he has the secret to. This time, he proposed repealing Section 230 (a provision that shields websites from being liable for the content produced by their users).

A theme he insisted upon a few days later:

Fewer than 60 days remain before Biden takes office, Twitter bans Trump, and America can start working on re-building itself. These last two months will undoubtedly be rich in emotions, surprises, and Twitter storms like we’ve never seen!

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