To Purge or Not to Purge?

That is the question in front of the Biden administration and the Democratic Congress.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer will face a kafkaesque dilemma once the President-elect is inaugurated and the new Senate seated: to purge or not to purge?

Calls are mounting, in the wake of the 1/6/21 GOP-enabled, Trump-incited terrorist attack, for Senators Cruz and Hawley to resign, be disbarred, or be expelled under the provisions of the 14th Amendment. Cruz and Hawley are but the most despicable figureheads of a seditious movement that includes eight senators, 139 House members, and who knows how many members of the administration, civil servants, and law enforcement officers. As of today, the FBI has already opened 160 files, adding that the number would “grow geometrically” in the coming days and weeks, in what will undoubtedly be one of the most significant criminal investigations in the Bureau’s history.

It is a savoury twist of historical irony that the incoming Democratic administration and Congress will have a swamp to drain, but it is not a riskless endeavour.

In their infinite hypocrisy and cowardice, the GOP is already calling for “unity”, saying that impeaching Trump would prevent the country from healing. It’s like trying to dissuade a victim of sexual assault from reporting their aggressor which, regrettably, is an apt analogy for the groper-in-chief.

The Trumpian propaganda apparatus is already shifting the blame to “Antifa,” a lie that, unlike wealth, does trickle down from the top. I’m purposefully not writing “trying to shift the blame” as the lie is working. 30% of the American public believe Antifa did it. It doesn’t matter that Antifa is a concept and not an organised group of people. Mo Brooks tweeted that “fascist Antifa” planned and perpetrated the attack, proving that an extra-moron does indeed not know what an oxymoron is.

As with every lie, Trump as told over his failed presidency — over 20,000 of them — this lie is so skilfully distributed that we know it will take root. The GOP will then use its most efficient propaganda technique, the “A lot of people are saying that…” argument, to back the claim up and turn myth into reality. Once they will have established in the minds of their millions of believers that the “fascist left” did it, what comes next?

America cannot go on without severe justice. Those who stormed the Capitol, those who supported them, those who organised the plot and those who incited it must face the legal consequences of their actions and meet the harshest sentences. Failing to do so will do to Trumpism exactly what nine months in prison did to Hitlerism: it will reinforce it. Failing to serve justice will demonstrate once again how rotten the system is; how privileged white, wealthy people are; how undemocratic America truly is. For these reasons, the Democrats have no choice: they must impeach Donald Trump, they must criminally prosecute him, his family, and his close advisors, and they must expel the members of Congress who betrayed their oaths of office.

Doing so, however, will put them in a Kafkaesque situation. We already know the GOP arguments, don’t we? We can hear from a not-so-distant future:

“This is a Stalinian purge, nothing less. The communists have taken over,” argues Ted Cruz in an interview with Fox News.

This communist Orwellian plot will not stand. See you in court. Buy my book.
— Josh Hawley on OANN

The fascist communist Antifas want to take away your guns and freedom.
— Mo Brooks on a russian-server-ersatz of Parler

The GOP will shout “scandal” and stir a new red scare. Playing on deep-seated American fear of socialism and communism, they will undoubtedly compare the legal actions of a legally-elected Congress and legally-appointed DoJ to the KGB and the Stalinian purges. They will use the Democrats’ efforts as an argument to back up the “deep state” conspiracy theories and will further inflame the QAnon nutjobs.

To quote an old and wise man, “time has come to choose between what’s easy and what’s right.”

We know what’s right, and we understand it’s not easy. It has to be done, however. The country cannot move forward until the tumours that are Trumpism, QAnon, and “Stop the steal” are removed from government altogether.

To purge or not to purge, that is the question,
Whether ’tis nobler for the righteous to suffer
The slings and arrows of criminal hypocrisy
Or to take arms against a sea of liars,
And, by opposing, end them?

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